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gary parendo

Gary Parendo


Professional Since: We do not have to go into that...awhile

Serving you with: I have about a 50 - 50 ratio of women and men clients with an Aveda and Barber background. I have found that most salons that do men's hair are doing them as an afterthought instead of taking the cutting seriously. I have been doing womens color/foils for years and like to lean towards a refined blend of color although I can get spunkier if needed. I also do men's color and like to keep some of the grey, if present, for a believable natural look. I use and specialize in American Crew color for men.

My specialties: Easy care haircuts, multi-shade colors and talking.

Education: Aveda Institute andMoler Barber School, lots of shows including Salon International in London, Vidal Sassoon, Paris shows and lots of domestic shows and classes.


Gary's Service Menu

Women’s Haircut and Style $50
Men’s Haircut and Style $40
Girl's Kid Cut (11 - 15 years) $45
Boy's Kid Cut (11 - 15 years) $33
Kids Cut (10 years and under) $30
Full Foil Highlighting $100
Partial Foil Highlighting $90
Spotlights - 10 Foils or Less Mini Foil $70
Single Process Color/Tint $70
Shampoo Blow Dry Style or FlatIron $35