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Best Commission Salon or the Best Salon Chair Rental in Eden Prairie, you choose.

Flagship Salon has been in business for a long time, we have developed a great reputation in Eden Prairie. They say location, location, location is what matters. We have a great location. We have no divas and a very positive atmosphere. Our staff gets along great with each other and we only want people who are on the same wavelength.

So whether you are looking for a commission position or a rental station, let's talk. We are competitive in every way and if it is a good fit for you, it is a great place to work.

If you are looking for a commission position, come and visit the salon and we can see if it is a good fit. If it is a good fit for both of us I will put a proposal together and it will be a good offer.

If you are looking for rental, here are some details to get you started but come in and we will talk.

- The 1st 2 weeks rent free to get established
- 2 weeks vacation rent free per year**
- No long term contracts
- Vagaro online booking software (paid by salon)
- Option to work commission if you are not ready to rent yet
- 3, 4, or 5 days per week, pick your days and hours
- Shampoo, Conditioner and towels supplied
- On site laundry
- Your own keys for salon access outside normal business hours
- We will help setup your business with the Fed and State - easy
- Credit card payments directly to your own bank account (no salon up charge)
- Get rent free leave of absence for maternity time (save chair for 8 weeks)
- We carry Kevin Murphy, Moroccan Oil, Kenra, 18.21, American Crew and more
- We do a local artist display

So we are willing to help you, here is what we need from you: We need stylists who are committed to high quality customer service, dependable, no drama, and who will maintain our high online ratings. State of MN MANAGERS LICENSE IS NOT REQUIRED for chair rental at Flagship Salon (We have salon manager operators).

The fine print:
** 1 week free vacation after each 6 months paid rent

3 Reasons You'll Love Flagship Salon:

1. Great place to grow your business
2. Enjoy no hassle management
3. We have a staff that works great together

Let's talk - Contact Gary by replying to gparendo@gmail.com or call or text my cell at 612-242-3333