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Abigail Carlson - Lash Specialist

Working in the beauty industry has been the most rewarding and enjoyable experience I have had. After receiving a degree in business, I quickly learned that I needed to be utilizing my passion and skills to help others look and feel their best. I am a licensed Esthetician and certified Eyelash Extension Specialist. I graduated from Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, and continued my education at Sinful Lash Academy in Los Angeles, California.I love how much of a difference lashes can make to enhance each of my clients' natural beauty, and my goal is to achieve your desired look while keeping your natural lashes healthy.

Ashley O'Grady - Stylist/Lashes

Professional Since: 2011. Serving you with: women's and men's haircuts, colors, foils, keratin smoothing treatments, and lash extensions. I have a passion for doing hair. I have competed in multiple competitions in both men and women hair cutting and styling which is one of my strong points. My favorite part hairstyling is the transformation process and being able to make you feel like a whole new person with a new look whether it's a small or dramatic change. I'll make your finished look comfortable and easy to manage outside of the salon.

Jeannette Olson - Stylist

Professional Since: 2000. Serving you with: Mens and women's haircuts, foiling and colors, and facial waxing.My specialties: I love to make people feel good about themselves and having them leave my chair feeling and looking great. I will listen to what you want and create a great look that works for you.

Joelle Clemensen - Stylist

Professional Since: 1991. Serving you with: men and women haircuts, foiling and coloring. My specialties: Listening to what you really want and being able to create this along with your help. Education: Cosmetology Training center, Rochester, MN

Lia Hubbard - Stylist

Professional Since: 1997. Serving you with: colors, foils, haircuts, keratin smoothing treatments.

Michelle Braulick - Stylist

Professional Since: 1991. Serving you with: women and men's haircuts, foiling and coloring.My specialties: Finding the look that is right for you.

Michelle Bridgeforth - Stylist

Professional Since: 2002.Serving you with: Men and women's haircuts, keratin smoothing treatments and all aspects of color.My specialties: Listening to you! I take the time to sit down with my clients and find out what they like and dislike about their hair, what ideas they have as well as giving them my recommendations on what would look great on them. Sending clients home with hair they love is the most rewarding part of my job. I love working with all types of color including some challenging color combinations and at the same time keeping the price reasonable. Whether you are looking for a complete transformation, subtle change or a simple maintenance cut, together we will create a look that fits you and is easy to maintain.

Scott Mack - Stylist

Women's and men's cutting and coloring.

Gary Parendo - Owner / Stylist

I have about a 50 - 50 ratio of women and men clients with an Aveda and Barber background. My specialties: Easy care haircuts, multi-shade colors and a little conversation with my clients. I have been doing women's color/foils for years and like to lean towards a refined blend of color although I can get spunkier if needed, and I am good at blending or getting rid of grey. I have found that most salons that do men's hair are doing them as an afterthought instead of taking the cutting seriously as we do. I also do men's color and like to keep some of the grey, if present, for a believable natural look. Education: Aveda Institute and Moler Barber School, many shows including Salon International in London, Vidal Sassoon, Paris shows and many domestic shows and classes.